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House Histories are written and researched by Fiona Rule, a professional writer with a passion for the history of Britain and its people.

Fiona has written five, mass market books:

The Worst Street In London; London's Docklands, London's Labyrinth, Streets Of Sin

and The Oldest House In London.

In addition to writing books, she regularly contributes as an "expert" on television and radio, has advised on period dramas and gives talks about various facets of London's history. She holds an Advanced Diploma in Local History from the University of Oxford.


"This is a book for all lovers of London to read." 

Peter Ackroyd on The Worst Street In London.

"Through her painstaking investigation, Fiona Rule shows us one by one the skeletons hidden in Notting Hill's darkest cupboards. Its all a fascinating story because, as Rule memorably reveals, Notting Hill is that intriguing urban puzzle - a glitzy district with "a past". 

Professor Jerry White on Streets of Sin.

"Fiona Rule has a great talent for snuffling out the history of London's darker side". 

The Bookseller.

"The Worst Street In London has everything from intrigue to murder." 

Beverley Knight, singer.

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